What moves you—?  What do you seek—?  What seeks you—?

Chariots on Fire is a vehicle of discovery.  We see ‘seeking—’ not as means to an end, but itself as practice of virtue.  To train the gaze to the integrity of a given material, the artistry of its interpretation as object-of-function: this is what we ourselves seek; this is what we offer to you.  

The Chariots æsthetic calls forth new (and uncharted—) geographies of the modern.  How we explore our surrounding world — and the objects we keep with us as we move through it — draws in equal parts from the instinctual and the sublime.

Chariots on Fire is housed in a futuristic concrete structure which rises amidst the palms and bougainvillea of the sun-bleached Venice landscape.  It is in this space that we introduced Fukuoka-based ceramicist Makoto Kagoshima for the first time in the United States.  Likewise was it platform to what The New York Times described as the “strangely beautiful” multi-city installation of A Tale of Plant and Pot — which evolved from our pairing of Adam Silverman and Oda Kohei (Qusamura) and featured “mutant cacti in pots with unconventional, often imperfect, glazes.” - NYTimes

What we present is real and tangible.  Unusual and hard-to-find pieces — whether objet d’art, jewelry, zakka, decor, or more — appear in free-flowing, yet considered rotation.  Re-constellated into groupings which themselves span medium and origin and era, they give rise to a rare, eclectic grace.  

What we might speak of as ‘meaning’ crystallizes as what we find is passed along — first through the hands of the artist, and then into your own — in each revealing some facet of ‘beauty,’ in each blossoming with individual joy . . . 

One-of-a-kind Ceramic Platter by Makoto Kagoshima (Photo: Shuji Yoshida)

One-of-a-kind Ceramic Platter by Makoto Kagoshima (Photo: Shuji Yoshida)